2020 Contests

Now’s the time of the year when I start figuring out which contests I’m going to submit my screenplays to. Over the years that number has reduced drastically due to money and my scripts not being the best quality. This upcoming year I am being more selective when it comes to which opportunities I apply for and what projects I submit.

Here’s the list (in random order) of the opportunities I’m going after:

What I love about these opportunities is that they allow you to gain access to professionals that can help you dig deeper into your script. These are definitely more competitive, but it makes you stand out from the crowd if you get selected and could possible open doors for you. It would be an honor to be selected for any of these opportunities. Don’t be intimidated by the amount of competition out there. Believe in your project. Believe in your voice. Get your script industry ready and go after what you want. I know I will.

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